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The Idea Advancer

Every organization has important ideas it needs to advance, if it intends to grow and succeed.  Drawing on more than three decades of experience, Tim Hayes helps advance those ideas on behalf of clients.  Here’s how:

Strategic Communications Counsel: Advancing Ideas through the Written Word

  • Executive Speech Writing
  • Presentation Review and Improvement
  • Key Message Development
  • Setting Communications Strategies
  • Corporate Communications Writing (scripts, websites, media materials)
  • Member:

Presentation Skills Coaching: Advancing Ideas through the Spoken Word

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Clear Direction
  • Videotaped Coaching and Feedback
  • Personalized Follow-Up Recommendations for Continued Improvement
  • Individualized or Group Coaching Available

Facilitation of Business Meetings: Advancing Ideas into Actionable Items

  • Providing an Objective Third-Party Presence
  • Extensive Pre-Event Consultation and Preparation
  • Encouraging Inclusion, Healthy Debate, Sense of Fun
  • Drawing Out Fresh Ideas to Spur Fresh Strategic/Tactical Thinking
  • Guiding Diverse Groups to Achieve Key Organizational Goals