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Like a Rhinestone Earworm

By Tim Hayes
Hunched over the keyboard, a deadline bearing down upon me, the search for the perfect word proved elusive.
Even wearing my well-worn Radio Shack headphones, tuned to pure white-noise static to block out any distractions, my brain cells refused to click, connect, or cooperate.
And it sure as hell didn’t help that the last song [...]

That Face

By Tim Hayes
On a warm late August evening, while standing in front of the main auditorium building of my brand-new college campus, mere steps away – unbeknownst to me – approached the source of my first and only heart attack.  Figuratively, that is.
A magician or hypnotist or something would be performing inside shortly as part [...]

Asking For It

By Tim Hayes
Watching the Grammy Awards back in 1983, something happened that stuck in my head all these years since.
The Australian band Men At Work won the award for Best New Artist, having scored No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with “Living In a Land Down Under” and “Who Can It Be [...]

The Intersection of Artistry and Pragmatism

By Tim Hayes
The theory goes like this.  The left hemisphere of the human brain controls logical, linear, sequential thinking, while the right controls the more creative, artistic, and expressive.
Some blending of these two counterbalancing poles of thought, impulse, and action goes on constantly, of course.  But for most people, one type of thinking and behavior [...]

Blank Canvass

By Tim Hayes
Having driven past this little enclave a million times – and that’s an exaggeration, but not that far from reality, actually – I found myself there at last, standing next to a friend, who rapped on the faded, splintered screen door of the rusted trailer home, perched along a muddy bank of the [...]

Faith of Our Fathers

By Tim Hayes
I am a lapsed Catholic.
That statement gives me no satisfaction, no pride.  But it does give me some hope.  At least I’m not a former Catholic.  Not yet.  But that line is a lot closer to being crossed today than at any other time in my life.
My sisters and I were raised in [...]

Then They Came For Me

By Tim Hayes
TV host Lou Dobbs this week said he supported the White House’s decision to ban a CNN reporter from a press event for asking President Trump questions earlier that day.  “My question is, who the hell are you?” Dobbs said after reading CNN’s statement about the ban. “The president does insist on respect.  It’s about time [...]

Someplace Special

By Tim Hayes
Over the past week, clients and associates and friends – none of whom had ever known or been introduced to each other – crossed paths three times.  As George on “Seinfeld” would cry, “Worlds are colliding!” but it didn’t surprise me at all.  It’s absolutely a non-event, par for the course.
And why?  Because [...]


By Tim Hayes
Poseidon in Greek mythology and Neptune in Roman.  Sumandra in Hindu, Tefnut in Egyptian, and Mazu in Chinese.  Heck, even Aquaman in the comic books.
All gods of water, the liquid source and sustenance of life.  Entire cultures worship water for its irreplaceable role in keeping the planet alive.  We twist a knob and [...]

Beware the Brain Fart

By Tim Hayes
Seated in a giant semi-circle of metal folding chairs, clad in a starched white dress shirt, black slacks, and clip-on necktie from Sears, I awaited my turn in the citywide spelling bee.
The bee took place in a cavernous auditorium within what had been known as the Buhl Planetarium on the North Side of [...]